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5W0BOB Upolu Island

Bob, VK2BOB will be active from Upolu Island, Samoa, IOTA OC - 097, 10 - 17 September 2016 as 5W0BOB.
He will operate on 40 and 20m SSB.
QSL via home call direct.
Ads for direct QSL:
Bob Ronai, 83 Memorial Avenue (PO Box 320), St Ives, NSW 2075, Australia.
He will operate from La Uaina Seaside Resort.

Upolu Island 5W0BOB Samoa DX News Upolu Island, Samoa. Author - Viajes Quasar.

Upolu Island 5W0BOB Samoa Tourist attractions spot Virgin Cove.Virgin Cove, Upolu Island, Samoa. Author - Tim Jordan.

Upolu Island Samoa 5W0BOB Fuipisia Falls.Fuipisia Falls, Upolu Island, Samoa. Author - Cameleon Albino.

Where Upolu Island is located. Map.

5W0BOB Upolu Island. Sunrise 12-04-2016 at 16:49 GMT sunset at 05:46 GMT

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