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Recognition of radio amateurs - National Emergency Network

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    Recognition of radio amateurs - National Emergency Network

    In the province of Zaragoza, the REMER group (Red Nacional de Radio de Emergencias) has fifty members, whose objective is to guarantee and facilitate communications in case of emergency.
    To the greeting of "Delta 1 calling Malla Remer" the subdelegate of the Government of Spain in Zaragoza, José Abadía, recognized this Saturday his good work, solidarity and service vocation with the delivery of diplomas to fifteen members of the REMER group, some with 25 and 30 years of dedication.

    The work of this REMER group was highly effective during the emergency drill held last November at the Zaragoza Airport, which allowed communication between the Government Delegation and the various bodies that acted on the ground. Soon, they will be able to show their effectiveness on the ground again during the Aragón-2019 Exercise of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) that will take place in April in the province of Huesca, guaranteeing the monitoring and control of the situation by the Delegate of the Government in Aragon.

    Created in 1986 by the General Directorate of Civil Protection, the Emergency Radio Network was born as a provincial system of support to a possible disablement, drop or saturation of the usual communication systems, in order to ensure the link between the state authorities included in the old Civil Protection Command Radio Network. In 2018, a new regulation was classified as a national resource, changing its name to the National Emergency Radio Network.

    National Emergency Radio Network Zaragoza, Spain
    73 Al 4L5A