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5R - Malagasy call sign

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    5R - Malagasy call sign

    Get your malagasy call sign 5R

    You can obtain a Malagasy call sign 5R for a future DXpedition in Madagascar or for your collection. Madagascar is full of tourists from different countries.
    Today you can have your malagasy call sign in less than 20 days!
    The authority for telecommunications of Madagascar haven’t agreement with foreign countries and is not possible to use 5R/your call.

    • obtain you 5R call sign in less time than usual;
    • obtain a customized call sign with no expiration, if available;
    • obtain your 5R license before flying to Madagascar;
    • not mandatory annual fees: just for the issue of your call sign and if you’ll operate with you 5R call sign;
    • direct support.

    If you apply now for your 5R call sign you can have a customized suffix if available, with no expiration date. No mandatory fees: just if you’ll use you call sing in Madagascar.
    Available suffixes are with 2 letters like 5R8IO or 5R8UI: suffixes with just a letter are not available.

    Paperworks needed (via email):
    • copy of your passport;
    • copy of your amateur radio license;
    • application for the call sign;
    • application for using an amateur radio station in Madagascar;
    • copy of the 1st page and the specifications of your transceiver’s manual (mandatory in order to obtain your call sign, but is not mandatory to use the same transceiver in Madagascar).
    If you want to apply for your 5R call sign or if you need more information feel free to contact us via email:

    73 de IK5ZUI & 5R8UI Michele Imparato

    5R8UI Michele Imparato, Bemoko, Nosy Be Island, Madagascar
    Attached Files
    73 Al 4L5A