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YASME Foundation - Excellence Award 2022

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    YASME Foundation - Excellence Award 2022

    March 31, 2022
    St. Charles, MO


    The Yasme Excellence Award is presented to individuals and groups who, through their own service, creativity, effort and dedication, have made a significant contribution to amateur radio. The contribution may be in recognition of technical, operating or organizational achievement, as all three are necessary for amateur radio to grow and prosper. The Yasme Excellence Award is in the form of a cash grant and an individually-engraved crystal globe.

    The Board of Directors of The Yasme Foundation is pleased to announce the latest recipients of the Yasme Excellence Award:

    Dan Marler K7REX
    When the COVID pandemic led to cessation of in-person meetings, training sessions and gatherings, Dan converted a small limited-membership Zoom platform to the open presentation forum known as RATPAC. In the subsequent two years, RATPAC has hosted over two hundred online presentations that have been viewed by thousands of radio amateurs. Among the wide-ranging topics, half focus on public-service communications, while the rest address technical, operating, scientific and general-interest topics offered by a host of presenters. The recordings of these sessions are available for public viewing and constitute a valuable resource for the amateur radio community.

    Dr. Gordon Gibby KX4Z
    Gordon is a retired emergency-room physician turned high school science teacher who demonstrates how amateur radio can benefit our communities in a wide variety of ways. As an ARES leader in Northern Florida, Gordon promotes and teaches all aspects of preparedness for disasters, from planning and exercises to building and repairing communication hardware to understanding official responders’ needs, methods and organization. He advocates cognizance of the amateur’s role and its limits, building trust and relationships, and constantly improving our individual skills. He is known around the country for his informative and carefully thought out responses to the many questions from other amateurs seeking to improve their local disaster-response capabilities.
    73 Al 4L5A