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2017 Oceania DX Contest Results

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    2017 Oceania DX Contest Results

    Hi everyone

    The results of the 2017 Oceania DX (OCDX) Contest have been published on the OCDX website at Congratulations to all the participants, especially the winners and new record setters.

    We apologise for the delayed publication of the results this year. Day jobs and other personal priorities got in the way of the committee completing the task in a more timely fashion. We are taking steps to ensure the results will be published much earlier after the 2018 OCDX Contest.

    The 2017 Contest was tough going, especially on the CW weekend when the solar flux dropped to less than 70 and the Planetary A index peaked up to 31. Lightning QRN from storms in the Pacific area also made it difficult to copy stations on the lower bands during the PHONE weekend. As VE7JKZ commented 'Absolutely awful conditions from VE7. Things can only get better. Can't they ...?!'

    Despite the dismal conditions, we were delighted to see a total of 1303 logs submitted. This is an increase of 9% compared to 2016 and sets a new record for the number of logs received. Most of the increase is due to the ongoing upward trend in the number of logs received from Indonesian stations, but there was also a noticeable jump in the number of logs received from stations in the Philippines. Indonesia has now overtaken Japan as the country submitting the most logs. The efforts of YB0NDT, the YB Land DX Club and other YB amateurs to promote the contest are clearly continuing to have a positive impact in driving new participation from Indonesian amateurs.

    There were many notable achievements in the 2017 contest, including the setting of 27 new continent records and 140 new country records. Even without sunspots, some QRP stations posted record scores.

    Please browse the results page <> for more information including the full summary of the results, detailed scores, soapbox comments, the equipment and antennas used, and photos <> of the leading entrants and their stations.

    The next OCDX Contest will be held on the first two full weekends of October 2018 as follows:

    PHONE: 08:00 UTC Saturday 6 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 7 October

    CW: 08:00 UTC Saturday 13 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 14 October

    The full rules for the 2018 contest can be found on our rules page at .

    A ZL contest group <> has already announced it will be QRV from Niue as E6Y for the 2018 contest, and we will announce further DXpeditions and activities on the OCDX website <> as information becomes available. If you are planning something special for the 2018 contest, then please let us know <> .

    Finally, in response to feedback from entrants, we are considering the possibility of starting the PHONE and CW sections at an earlier time in future years, so it is more convenient for Oceania stations to participate. We intend conducting a survey about this after the 2018 contest, but in the meantime please let us know if you have any thoughts or preferences.

    We look forward to seeing everyone again in the 2018 event, and please encourage others to join us to make it the biggest OCDX party ever!

    73 from

    Oceania DX Contest Committee


    Oceania DX Contest 2017 SP6JZL Antenna Farm

    Oceania DX Contest 2017 SP6JZL Antenna Farm.
    73 Al 4L5A