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SN0HQ - Poland - IARU Contest 2021

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    SN0HQ - Poland - IARU Contest 2021

    Our national team - team SN0HQ will start in the competition as usual. The SN0HQ team is a group that brings together passionate short-term competition. To all members of the SN0HQ Team, a common goal: the start of the Polish HQ station in the IARU HF Championship competition and the station's achievement of the global score. The SN0HQ station represents the Polish Union of Short-Waveers in the IARU competition. The first participation of the Polish HQ station in the IARU competition took place in 1994 During these 27 years, SN0HQ has taken places from 2 to places beyond the top ten. A number of circumstances consisted of this, growing competition, loss of interest in SP station QSO with their national representative. Over the years you can see a successive decrease in the number of Polish participants in the competition. The deterioration of propagation conditions related to the decrease in sun activity is also not meaningless, which favours the stations located more south of us. During a period of poor propagation, the amount of QSOs connected to SP stations on the most possible amount of bands and emission is of great importance.
    SN0HQ log analysis shows that you can find around 1000 different SP characters in the log. The final result is influenced by any communication conducted in the competition. That's why we invite all Polish stations to participate in the IARU HF competition and we hope that every Polish station will connect with us via the CW and SSB emissions. We encourage you to connect not only with SN0HQ, but also with other participants in the competition.
    We call for the launch of as many individual and club stations as possible.
    See you in the competition
    Mek SP7VC, SN0HQ Team

    SN0HQ Poland IARU 2021
    73 Al 4L5A