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FILIN - Suppression system - Navy

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    FILIN - Suppression system - Navy

    The station "Filin", developed by JSC "Experimental Plant" Integral ", is intended for suppressing at night and twilight time the visual-optical and optical-electronic channels of observation and aiming of small arms, as well as melee weapons, used against naval surface ships and boats . The action of the station is based on the modulation of the brightness of the light radiation. Low-frequency fluctuations in the brightness of radiation due to the excitation of the optic nerves cause temporary reversible disorders of the organs of vision.
    According to the representatives of the holding, volunteers who experienced the impact of the “Filin” noted the impossibility of conducting aimed fire from small arms on targets concealed by a complex when it is placed at a distance of up to two kilometers from the shooters' positions due to the lack of visibility of the target. At the same time, every fifth volunteer felt the hallucinogenic effect, and about half of the testers noted signs of disorientation in space, as well as nausea and dizziness.
    In addition, Roselectronics added that outgoing radiation in the visible and part of the infrared spectrum, coupled with high-frequency brightness modulation, can effectively suppress infrared laser rangefinders, night vision devices, and anti-tank guided missile guidance systems at distances of up to five kilometers.

    FILIN Suppression system
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