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RF 2050 ECCM Mobile Multiband Military transceiver

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    RF 2050 ECCM Mobile Multiband Military transceiver

    AT RF2050 ECCM mobile multiband transceiver, belonging to the AT RF20 family of multiband tactical radios with increased resistance to radioelectronic warfare, is designed for installation into any kind of tracked or wheeled vehicles. Small footprint, robust design and outstanding features add to its great utility, especially in modernization of the existing vehicular installations. AT RF2050 transceiver is produced in two variants: without co-site filter var. 01 and with co-site filter var.02. The built-in modem ensures data communication in tactical IP networks according to MIL-STD-188-220B.

    AT RF 2050 Mobile multiband military tactical transceiver

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    AT RF 2050 Military Tactical VHF Radio
    73 Al 4L5A