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PV8IG - Ivanildo Francisco Gomes - Jaboatao Permambuco

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    PV8IG - Ivanildo Francisco Gomes - Jaboatao Permambuco

    PV8IG/PY7IG, Ivanildo Francisco Gomes, from Jaboatao- Pernambuco, was murdered yesterday in an assault on his residence in Boa Vista state of Roraima, Brazil.
    Ivan was first licensed in 1980 as PY7WDZ.
    His other previous calls include PU7WDZ and PY7IFG. He worked for the justice system.
    Ivan gave back to the hobby as narrator of LABRE news and participating in Boy Scout activities.
    He enjoyed DXing, Computers, Aviation and the Law. In 2016 Ivan celebrated his 50th birthday as PV8IG/PY0F from Fernando de Noronha. PV8IG also operated special calls ZV8I, PX8I and PX500I.
    PT7WA, Luciano, is still handling QSLs chores for PV8IG/PY0F.
    Our condolences to the Gomes family and all of his friends around the globe.
    Information from Bernie, W3UR Daily DX.

    PV8IG PY7IG Ivanildo Francisco Gomes, Jaboatao Permambuco, Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil.
    73 Al 4L5A