Rudi Schaefer, ON2XXX from Kontich, Belgium passed away.
Rudi was active contester and member of OT5A Team.
Information from his qrz page
All started in 1978 after a serious motorcycle accident.
I had to stay in bed for 6 months when my brother gave
me a CB-radio. After some local talks I began to discover
the SSB-band on 11 meter. In a couple of years I worked
287 DXCC's and collected a few thousand (!!!) QSL-cards.
In 1996 I realised that I was ready to become a real HAM-operator.
I passed the "C"exams and my first call was ON2BEQ.
I was allowed to operate on 2 m and 70 cm
The law changed in 2005 and all ON2 operators received the new ON3 prefix.
I asked to change my ON3BEQ call into ON3XXX.
From that moment we where allowed to operate on the HF-bands.
But sadly, our CEPT/ECC recommendation (05)06 was revoced by this new rule,
so transmitting from foreign countries wasn't allowed anymore.

Now we're 2010, the law changed again, all old ON2-operators got back there
old prefix including HF-bands and the CEPT/ECC recommendation (05)06.

So if you're looking for ON2BEQ or ON3XXX, don't look any further, you found him.
From now on it's ON2XXX

ON2XXX Rudi Schaefer, Kontich, Belgium