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WN6K - Paul Dorey - Vista - USA

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    WN6K - Paul Dorey - Vista - USA

    Paul Dorey of Vista, California, USA, WN6K is SK. He has been a devoted Low Power contester for years, participating in tens of competitions each year.

    Information from his daughter
    This from Paul Dorey's (WN6K) daughter when I sent my condolences (Dennis N6KI)

    Good morning. My dad passed away at 11:40 last night. It was very peaceful
    and we were all with him. We are so thankful he is no longer in pain.

    After condolences were sent Cyndy replied:

    Thank you! Ham Radio was his 2nd love to my Mom for sure! Thank you for
    your friendship and for sharing his love and passion for the ham! Would you
    please pass the news along to any who may not know? I tried to text the
    contacts I had from him as he gave me a list to inform. I will also share
    the plans for his memorial once we have them. He wants to be intern at
    MiraMar and they let us know they are a month out right now. Thank you for
    your kind words!

    Information from his qrz page:

    First licensed as (WN6EJL) in 1975, it was later followed in 1976 with WA6EJL when I upgraded to General Class. After another upgrade to Advanced Class, I recieved my current call, WN6K, issued in the fall of 1985 when I upgraded to Extra Class.

    My main radio interests are DXing and Contesting. It does not matter what mode SSB, CW or RTTY, if there is a contest, large or small, I am usually on the air begging for a contact. 99 percent of the time I am in the Low Power (less than 100 - 200 watts) Class. I do this for neighbor sanity mostly but also my Dad taught me long ago that it made no sense to pick a fight with the "big Guys."

    My current station is an FTdx5000 MP with a SteppIR DB18 on my W-51 Tower at 55 feet. Below that is an OCF dipole wire fed at 50 feet for 80/160m which works "ok" on CW.

    I have been Past President of both the Palomar Amateur Radio Club (PARC) here in Vista as well as the San Diego DX Club. I belong to the Southern CA Contest Club (SCCC) and that is where the scores get 'claimed.'

    In 2005, W6NOW and I went to Panama and did a couple of weekends- expedition / field day style....

    WN6K Paul Dorey, Vista, California
    73 Al 4L5A