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K4JRB - David Thompson - Norcross - USA

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    K4JRB - David Thompson - Norcross - USA

    David L. Thompson, K4JRB ex K5MDX from Norcross, Georgia, USA passed away 4 January 2023.
    He Born in 1944.
    Information from his QRZ page:
    I was the ARRL SE Division DXAC from January 2010 to early 218.

    I have been licensed since 1957 and have a wife and three children. My interests are Dxing, Contesting, and old boatanchors. I am active on 160, 40, 17, 12, and 10 including 29Mhz AM. I also operate 15 and 20 when the other bands are slow. I am retired from contesting but don't be surprised if I call you for a QSO.

    My primary station is a pair of old Yaesu FT980's and a Kenwood TS-590SG with two amps. My primarty amp is a LK-550NT and backup is a ALS-1306 that is also used for 6, 17. and 12. I use an Icom IC-740 for testing antennas. My boatanchors have been downsized to a HQ-110 with HC-10 SSB adapter and a Galaxy V with Power Supply waiting to be restored. My currect antennas are a Tennedyne T-10 with a cushcraft 2 el 40 mounted om a Rohn 45 70 foot tower. The T-10 is at 71 feet and the 2 el 40 at 81 feet. I have a Radio Works 80 meter Beam (later called Short 80) that combines the OCF a half square which I use on 75/80 and 60 meters. I am in the planning stage for other wire antnnas.

    My DXCC overall is 379 and top of the DXCC honor roll. I have over 300 on all bands except for 160 (168)and 30 meters (do not operate). I reached the top of the honor roll in 1982 and finally made it back by confirming BS7H. I even have 263 DXCC entities confirmed on AM phone mostly from my first few years of operating...I retired as the Director of the CQ 160 Contests in March 2008 having served for 25 years with 16 as the Director and or 9 assistant director.

    I started contesting in 1958 by placing in 3rd n the ARRL Phone SS. Betrween 1959 and 1963 I won the ARRL SS Phone Twice, the ARRL USA DX Phone twice, and The CQ WW Phone USA top score twice. College and marriage limited my contesting after that but in 1970 I was the top North American SSB score in the CQ SSB Contest (Now called the CQ WPX SSB). That record stood for 8 years. I won several 10 and 40 meter top USA awards over the years and was second in the USA for the 1994 CQ 160 SSB Contest while winning the Zone 5 Plaque. I was successful in QRP operating in the ARRL DX and CQ WW DX SSB but grew tired of QRP. I really enjoyed the YL/OM Contest and won the OM Phone portion 14 of 16 times entered.

    I am a Life Member of ARRL and served as Assistant Director for 25 years on two different ARRL Divisions. Early on I was active in Emergency Communications and at 16 was the Emergency Coordinator (EC) for my county. I served in RACES as a State RACES Operator and ran the emergency net during and after Hurricane Canille in 1969. I have letters from 3 State Governors for my help in Rornados and Hurricanes.

    I belong to ARRL, QCWA (life member), SEDXC, SECC, and the YL International SSB System. I belong to A1 Ops and recently joined GARS (local club). I am a past member of RSGB. My old K5MDX call is now assigned to the Magnolia DX Association.

    My basement shack was flooded recently and I lost of magazines and the contractor just finished waterproofing the basement. I I hope to start rebuilding the ham station soon. Wald N4PL has been a great help with antennas and restoring the shack.

    I attended Junior College and the LSU Baton Rouge getting a BS and MBA degrees and have a number of hours toward a DBA. I received an Honory Doctor from East Carolina. Most of my career was in Data Processing (IT) in both Thenical and Sales and Marketing. I ran my own consulting business from 1990 to 1998.

    K4JRB David Thompson, Norcross, USA
    73 Al 4L5A

    David, K4JRB do lot for contesting as director of CQ WW 160m Contests.
    73 Al 4L5A