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G3NUG - Neville Cheadle - Devon

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    G3NUG - Neville Cheadle - Devon

    G3NUG, Neville Cheadle, from Devon, unexpectedly passed away Sunday "after a knee replacement operation". Neville was first licensed in 1959. He was an accomplished DXer, DXpeditioner and writer with a claim of over 370 DXCC countries and was on the RSGB IOTA Honour Roll with 1027 islands confirmed.
    Neville was a former President and Chairman of the Chiltern DX Club as well as the Chairman of the former DXpedition group Five Star DXers. He led the T32C (2011), 3B7C (2007), 3B9C (2004), D68C (2001) and 9M0C (1998) DXpeditions. It should be noted D68C set a record number of QSOs with 168,695 contacts, which was later broken by four other DXpeditions including T32C which still holds the number one spot with an amazing 213,022 QSOs.
    G3NUG was inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame in 2009.
    He also co-edited "DXpeditioning, Behind the Scenes", a great reference manual for DXpeditioners and DXers alike.
    Letters or cards of condolences can be sent to: Trish Cheadle, 1 Warland, TOTNES, Devon, TQ9 5EL, England, United Kingdom.

    G3NUG Neville Cheadle, Devon, England

    73 Al 4L5A