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    Eg3ptp - eg3pta - eg3ptt - eg3ptu - eg3ptm - patum

    Radioclub La Baells EA3RCI organizes the present Diploma and special QSL to contribute to the tourist and cultural diffusion of the municipality of Berga and the Berguedà region, with emphasis on society in general and the amateur radio community in particular.


    All radio amateurs of the world may participate in possession of a valid official license.

    DATES: From 12:01 hours EA on June 15, 2019 (Saturday) to 23:59 hours EA on June 23, 2019 (Sunday).

    BANDS AND MODALITIES: 20, 40, 80, and 160 meters, SSB phone, FT-4 and FT-8 within the segments recommended by the IARU.

    CALL: "CQ Diploma PATUM DE BERGA 2019".

    DIPLOMAS: Those interested in obtaining the Diploma of establishing radioelectric contacts with the granting stations, until completing the following combination



    EG3PTP will grant the letter “P” ,

    EG3PTA will grant the letter “A” ,

    EG3PTT will grant the letter “T” ,

    EG3PTU will grant the letter “U” ,

    EG3PTM will grant the letter “M” ,

    More than one letter per day may be given in the same band if you change the mode, that is,
    from SSB to digital or vice versa, and also if you change the bandwidth. There will be no joker. All combinations are valid, you can make a letter by band, or by different bands or modalities, that is, that all combination will be given good for the obtaining of the diploma.

    LISTS: The contact lists made will be sent exclusively in electronic format ADIF, before 00:00 hours on June 11, 2019, at the email or at the manager

    VERIFICATION OF CONTACTS: The contacts carried out in the name of other stations will not be valid, except those made with radio stations or Club stations or sections, through the operators assigned by them. Each contact will be crossed with the register log (log) of each season granting. SPECIAL QSL: All stations that have contacted our stations EG3PTP, EG3PTA, EG3PTT, EG3PTU, EG3PTM, even if it has been achieved in one day special qsl.

    DELIVERY OF DIPLOMAS: The Diploma (in A4 color format) will be sent to all participants free of charge by electronic mail in digital format, to the sender address of the listings (logs) sent. There is also the possibility to send the diplomas in paper format by ordinary mail with a total cost of € 5, or on paper also and for free in future face-to-face meetings upon request. The special QSL will be sent VIA e-qsl in digital format or by email.

    FINAL: For any question not provided in these rules, or doubt in its interpretation, the Board of Directors of Ràdio Club la Baells will resolve it, which decision will be unappealable. Radio Club la Baells is grateful to all the participants and you wish everyone very lucky in this activation.

    73 Al 4L5A