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URI Bike Awards 2019

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    URI Bike Awards 2019

    URI - UNION RADIO ITALIAN establishing in honor of the Tour of Italy, the dates of the event, TOUR OF ITALY AWD (All Around with Giro-Tour with The Radio), to enhance the Corsa Rosa Cycling Made in Italy and to enhance the Italian territory. Every city, every country has a history, a culture, a uniqueness that is there and that is an integral part of our today and our tomorrow.

    The Award TOUR OF ITALY is very simple as it is released for Tappa Tappa and eventually cycling event.


    For each daily connection with our URI stations will have the right to stage diploma. They will be active stations IQ URI or credited IQ stations or Special Callsign surprise. The STAGE station can be deployed on site or on the Italian territory. It may be more IQ stations active simultaneously.

    At the end of the Giro will be assigned the LAP MESH distributed as follows:


    Who will prove to have worked at least 21 of URI Stage stations


    Employers who can show that you have connected 15 stations URI Stage


    Employers who can show that you have connected 10 stations URI Stage


    Who can prove that he connected 6 URI Stage stations

    For the jersey ROSA well as diplomas in PDF you will be presented with a T-Shirt with your call and URI customization Bike Award Giro d'Italy.

    All diplomas will be issued free of charge in PDF format. Categories YL, OM, SWL, QRP, DIGITAL, CW. They will be valid all the terms of issue. You will only need to connect once a day one of the activators stations to get a diploma in PDF format free of charge.

    The Award requests are valid only through dedicated Form which will be effective after the event.

    You do NOT have to send the logs via email's, as in previous years, but only and exclusively the Hunter requests will be validated in ON LINE via the dedicated page on you will be asked to indicate: Email, First Name, Last Name , Callsign, Milestones achieved and acceptance of the terms of Privacy.

    The page that will require the diplomas of the Award will be available on 3 June and will be activated on this page as the connecting link.

    WARNING! The Hunters received requests will be verified and then will be sent diplomas. The Award will not be automatically sent upon request by filling in the form, but after careful review of Logs received by activators. If there will be some differences between Logs activators and demands of the individual, the Award Manager, will check the Log asking the hunter to send the ADIF or the list of connections made during all 21 stages.

    You can follow updates Log's of stations connected to this link:

    The rankings will be published on and QTC, official organ of the Italian Amateur Radio Union.

    Look at the ranking of the 2018 TOUR OF ITALY AWARD at this link: RANKING 2018 .


    May 11 - Stage 1 - Bologna> Bologna (San Luca) (cron. Individual) - 8.2 Km

    May 12 - Stage 2 - Bologna> Fucecchio - 205 Km

    May 13 - Stage 3 - Vinci> Orbetello - 220 Km

    May 14 - Stage 4 - Orbetello> Frascati - 235 Km

    May 15 - Stage 5 - Frascati> Terracina - 140 Km

    May 16 - Stage 6 - Cassino> San Giovanni Rotondo - 238 Km

    May 17 - Stage 7 - Vasto> L'Aquila - 185 Km

    May 18 - Stage 8 - Tortoreto Lido> Pesaro - 239 Km

    May 19 - Stage 9 - Riccione> San Marino (RSM) (cron. Individual) - 34.8 Km

    May 20 - Rest Day

    May 21 - Stage 10 - Ravenna> Modena - 145 Km

    May 22 - Stage 11 - Carpi> Novi Ligure - 221 Km

    May 23 - Stage 12 - Cuneo> Pinerolo - 158 Km

    May 24 - Stage 13 - Pinerolo> Ceresole Reale (SerrĂ¹ Lake) - 196 km

    May 25 - Stage 14 - Saint Vincent> Courmayeur (Mont Blanc Skyway) - 131 Km

    May 26 - Stage 15 - Ivrea> Como - 323 Km

    May 27 - Rest Day

    May 28 - Stage 16 - Lovere> Ponte di Legno - 226 Km

    May 29 - Stage 17 - Commezzadura (Sole Valley)> Anterselva / Antholz - 181 Km

    May 30 - Stage 18 - Valdaora / Olang> Santa Maria di Sala - 222 Km

    May 31 - Stage 19 - Treviso> San Martino di Castrozza - 151 Km

    June 1 - Stage 20 - Feltre> Croce d'Aune - Monte Avena - 194 Km

    June 2 - Stage 21 - Verona> Verona (cron. Individual) - 17 Km

    Stations valid for the achievement of the Award TOUR OF ITALY 2019:

    IQ8YX IQ8YT IQ8XS approved station

    Special call for Bike Event's:

    Award manager - Erica, IZ0EIK.

    IQ0RI URI Bike Awards 2019
    73 Al 4L5A