This Award is issued on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of BAFARA, the Belgian Air Force Amateur Radio Association.

This award is available to all licensed radio amateurs AND Short Wave Listeners.

Contacts with BAFARA special event stations, OR50AF = 40 points

OR50BAF = 20 points

OR50BFS = 20 points

Contacts with BAFARA member stations = 2 points

Points to be obtained: GOLD: 120 points, 3 BAFARA special event stations + 20 member stations

SILVER: 80 points, 2 BAFARA special event stations + 10 or 20 member stations

BRONZE: 60 points, 1 BAFARA special event station + 10 or 20 member stations

Each station may be contacted ONCE.

There are NO band or mode restrictions, additional remarks for single band or single mode QSO’s are possible upon request..

Contacts via relay and/or automatic stations are NOT valid.

Only contacts made between March 01, 2019 – February 29, 2020 are valid.

Send request GCR list to: info@bafara.be .


Format: .PDF document.