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SN0ARCO - Raciborz - Poland - Georg Graf von Arco

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    SN0ARCO - Raciborz - Poland - Georg Graf von Arco


    150th Anniversary of Georg Graf von Arco


    Licence validity period: 01.08-31.12.2019

    Main Award activity period: 01.08-31.08.2019.

    Special QSL cards and an electronic Award will be available.
    The SN0ARCO special-event station will be operated by the members of the SP9KJU Club in Racibórz.
    The Award activity is intended to pay homage to the inventor (jointly with Alexander Meissner) of a receiver and a superheterodyne transmitter.
    Georg Graf von Arco was born at Gorzyce (then Großgorschütz) in Silesia, attended a Junior High School in Racibórz (Ratibor), and studied at the University of Berlin.

    He became the Technical Director of the Telefunken Company.

    This Award activity is supported by the Racibórz Town authorities.


    a) SP stations: see the Rules in Polish.

    b) Non-SP stations: Either 1 QSO with SN0ARCO and 1 QSO with any other station operating from Gorzyce, or 2 QSO’s with SN0ARCO made with various modes or on various bands

    in the period of 01-31.08.2019. Special activities of SN0ARCO and other Gorzyce stations are planned to take place at the Inventor’s birthplace, the Arco Palace at Gorzyce, on his Birthday of 30.08.2019 (or 31.08.2019).

    Stations operating from Gorzyce: SP5GEO SP9KJU SP9MDY…

    Analogous conditions apply to SWL’s.

    Please send you Award Application on or before 25.09.2019,

    with your log extract (.cbr or .txt) to Jurek:


    English Wikipedia:

    73, Hubert SP9MDY, SP9KJU Club President

    SN0ARCO Raciborz, Poland Georg Graf von Arco
    73 Al 4L5A