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CB70O - CB70K - CB70E - CB70Y - Discolo DX - Condorito

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    CB70O - CB70K - CB70E - CB70Y - Discolo DX - Condorito

    The group Díscolo DX, in its eagerness to promote the knowledge of Chile, announces this Diploma in commemoration of the “70 Years of Condorito”.

    Special Indicative: Indicatives will be activated, in allusion to the OKEY Magazine where it was published for the first time.

    CB70O CB70K CB70E CB70Y

    Modes and bands: Contacts are valid in all HF bands and modes SSB, CW, PK31 and SSTV. In addition, indicative CE5BYU for FT8 mode (only QSL is obtained).

    Duration: From August 1 to August 31, 2019.

    QSL: From October 2019, QSL will be sent via buro allusive to the event to each participating station. If the QSL is direct, it will be sent directly, not necessary SASE. All the information in QRZ.

    Diploma: Obtained by contacting the 4 indicatives CB70O, CB70K, CB70E, CB70Y, regardless of band or mode. The request for this diploma should be made to Upon confirmation it will be available for download (in PDF format) on the site. Indicative CE5BYU only for FT8 and only QSL, does not participate in diploma.


    •Carlos CE6UFF President Team
    •Carlos CA6CGX
    •Alejandro CE6SAX
    •Juan CE5PRD
    •Erich XQ6OA
    •Roberto CE3CT
    •Danilo XQ4CW
    •Julio XQ3OP
    •Roland XQ3MCC
    •Claudio CE5AUC
    •Marco CE3LI
    •Raúl CA3SOC
    •Oscar CE5CSV

    CB70O CB70K CB70E CB70Y Discolo DX Condorito Award
    73 Al 4L5A