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  • 4L5A
    About the birthday of the Grupo DX de Cuba Regarding the celebrations for the 39th anniversary of the Grupo DX de Cuba (GDXC) and taking into account the acceptance that the entire movement generated by the certificate Anniversary 39 has had, it has also been decided to form a ranking that Include not only the number of members worked, but also the number of times that are done with each of them by band and mode. The top 10 stations that qualify in this ranking will receive the certificate in the «Diamond» category. We reiterate that the valid stations for the certificate are only those that have given their consent. The updated list is as follows: CM2XN, CM3EFM, CM6ARD, CM7OK, CO2AAT, CO2AME, CO2JD, CO2KL, CO2QU, CO2RQ, CO2YQ, CO3JN, CO3JR, CO3LT, CO5LB, CO6CG, CO6HZ CO6OV, CO6RD, CO7DSR, CO7HR, CO7HR CO8BYT, CO8CY, CO8MGY, CO8NDZ, CO8OH, CO8RBD, CO8RCP, CO8SC, CO8WAL, CO8ZZ, CP6CL, DK1WI, EA5BB, HA3JB, HC1DAZ, HI8RD, HK3TK, JH1AJT, K7JA, KP4SX, KV2H, OH2TA, OZ1IKY, WB2REM, W7HU and XE1KK. On the other hand, the admission of a new member to the GDXC was known. He is the DXer, contester and well-known radio man Chip Margelli (K7JA), who also joins the group of stations valid for the certificate. Chip was part of the bi-national groups CO0FRC and CO0US, which included members of the GDXC from Havana and the neighboring country of the north. Also obtained their diplomas «America» and «Caribbean» LZ2OQ and CO2PBR, while CO2YQ obtained the diploma «Group DX». To all, congratulations, see you on the air.

    73 Raul Verdecie, CO8ZZ.

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  • 4L5A
    started a topic GDXC - Grupo DX de Cuba

    GDXC - Grupo DX de Cuba

    Grupo DX de Cuba¨ will celebrate its 39th birthday with special activity

    On September 1st , it will be 39 years since at Havana, a small group of Cuban DXers founded the Grupo DX de Cuba (GDXC) and marked with it, a before and after in the history of Cuban amateur radio.

    For this reason, the GDXC will grant the certificate «Aniversario 39» to those who manage to work a certain number of members of the group during the month of September. The categories of the certificate will be Gold, for those who contact 20 stations of the total valid, Silver for those who do it with 15 and Bronze for those who work 10.

    All contacts will be valid regardless band or mode. The GDXC´s members valid for the certificate are the following: CM2XN, CM3EFM, CM6ARD, CM7OK, CO2AME, CO2JD, CO2KL, CO2RQ, CO2YQ, CO3JN, CO3JR, CO3LT, CO5LB, CO6HZ CO6OV, CO6RD, CO7JC, CO8BYT, CO8CY, CO8MGY, CO8NDZ, CO8OH, CO8RBD, CO8SC, CO8ZZ, CP6CL, DK1WI, EA5BB, HA3JB, HC1DAZ, HK3TK, JH1AJT, KP4SX, KV2H, OH2TA, OZ1IKY, WB2REM, W7HU and XE1KK.

    Good news for diploma collectors is that this will also be a great opportunity to get the ¨Grupo DX¨ diploma. For any clarification and to send the logs with the certificate requests the following address will be used:

    To the delivery of the certificate, other activities will be added that will schedule the representations of GDXC in each subsidiary of Federación de Radioaficionados de Cuba (FRC), such as exhibitions, conversations, conferences and demonstrations of operational practices during contests and pileups management.

    The Grupo DX de Cuba brings together the majority of Cuban dxers and 80 from more than 20 countries. To be part of it, you only need to have 100 or more confirmed DXCC entities. Extended information can be found at the following sites:

    Information received from CO8ZZ.

    Grupo DX de Cuba