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    UP75P - UP75O - UP75B - UP75E - UP75D - UP75A - Kazakhstan

    “Pobeda 75” Memorial rules: the Association of Amateur Radio Services of Kazakhstan (AARSK) in cooperation with the Almaty Amateur Radio League (AARL) and the Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii (SRR) conduct activity days dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory over fascist Germany in the World War II.

    1. The memorial activity period:
    Start: 00.00 UTC May 2, 2020
    End: until 23.59 UTC on May 9, 2020

    2. The purpose of the Memorial is to pay tribute to the people who fought in World War II, took the hit and saved the world from fascism. Kazakhstani people remember and perceive the level of threat that was looming over the world in that time.

    Diploma program:
    3. QSO (SWL) on HF (including WARC) and VHF bands with various types of modes (CW, PHONE (SSB, FM, AM), DIGITAL (RTTY, FT8 etc.) as well as via any amateur radio satellites are accepted. Repeated QSO are accepted provided they are made on different bands, and, if on the same band – using different mode.

    AARSK established two diplomas - “POBEDA 75 Kazakhstan” and “Victory is one for all-75”. The word “POBEDA” comes from the Russian language and means “Victory”.

    4.1 To receive “POBEDA 75 Kazakhstan” diploma it is necessary to make QSO (SWL) with 6 special stations including UP75P, UP75O, UP75B, UP75E, UP75D, UP75A, so that the word “POBEDA” is collected. QSO with UP75POBEDA memorial station can substitute for any one of the missing letters to be collected.
    4.2 To receive “Victory is one for all-75” diploma one needs to achieve 75 points. Each QSO (SWL) with any Kazakhstan memorial station operating in the Pobeda-75 Memorial registered on gives 5 points toward that score. QSOs with other memorial stations registered on give 1 point.
    Special certificate will be issued to all operators involved in the activation signing the special callsigns listed above. The certificate is free and is issued only in the electronic form through All SWL applications will be reviewed upon completion of the Memorial.

    The Organizing Committee provides only electronic QSLs which can be obtained through , LoTW,, LogBook.
    Paper QSLs can be provided at the discretion of the special memorial stations operators at their expense.
    The program manager is Ms. Oksana Mikhailenko-Nekrasova (UN5GV), e-mail:

    Pobeda na vsekh, Award, Kazakhstan

    Pobeda Award Kazakhstan
    73 Al 4L5A