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OL901AA - OL901AF - OL901AH - OL902AC - OL902AG - OL90CAV - OL90CRK - OL90KVAC - OL90ROH - OL90SKEC - OL90SVAZARM - OL901AB - 90th years anniversary Amateur Radio Czechoslovakia

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    90th Anniversary of Amateur Radio licenses in Czechoslovakia

    A Competition and Ham Radio Award to the 90th Anniversary of first Amateur Radio licenses in Czechoslovakia
    First illegal experiments with Ham Radio transmissions in Czechoslovakia were made by technical enthusiasts since early twenties of 20th Century. First license rules were made and accepted by the authorities in the second half of twenties.
    Regardless of this fact there were no officially licensed Amateur Radio Stations in Czechoslovakia until the half of 1930 year. On May, 19. 1930 the first exams of Ham Radio license applicants were made.
    A Competition and Ham Radio Award to the 90th Anniversary of first Amateur Radio licenses in Czechoslovakia – „OK-90“
    ČAV – Českoslovenští amatéři vysílači, international Association of Czech and Slovak Ham Radio operators in cooperation with Czech Radio Club and other non-organized Ham Radio operators commemorate on the air the 90th Anniversary of first Amateur Radio licenses by activation of special stations and the „OK-90“ Award.
    May 19, 2020 00:00 UTC – May 31, 2020 23:59 UTC.
    Special call signs
    Six special stations will be active to commemorate the first licensees:
    OL901AA (in memory of Ing. Mirko Schäferling, OK1AA),
    OL901AB (in memory of Pravoslav Motyčka, OK1AB),
    OL902AC (in memory of MUC. Zdeněk Neumann, OK2AC),
    OL901AF (in memory of Josef Štětina, OK1AF, later OK1AZ),
    OL902AG (in memory of Ladislav Vydra, OK2AG),
    OL901AH (in memory of Alois Weirauch, OK1AH, later OK1AW).
    There will be activated also special stations to commemorate all the historic and actual organizations gathering Ham Radio enthusiasts in Czech Republic:
    OL90SKEC (SKEČ, Sdružení krátkovlnných experimentátorů československých 1928-1932).
    OL90KVAC (KVAČ, Krátkovlnní amatéři českoslovenští, 1929-1932).
    OL90CAV (ČAV, Českoslovenští amatéři vysílači, 1932-1951, 2004-today).
    OL90ROH (Revoluční odborové hnutí, 1951-1953).
    OL90SVAZARM (Svaz pro spolupráci s armádou, 1953-1990),
    OL90CRK (Československý, later Český radioklub, 1990-today)
    Award rules
    There are three classes for contacts with special stations OL90.
    III. class (bronze): 50 points
    II. class (silver): 100 points
    I. class (gold): 150 points
    All contacts must be made on following bands: 1.8 MHz, 3.5 MHz, 7 MHz, 10.1 MHz, 14 MHz, 18 MHz, 21 MHz, 24.9 MHz, 28 MHz, 50 MHz, 145 MHz.
    All contacts must be made either on CW, phone (any analog voice modulation allowed) or digital (any digital modulation and text encoding). Picture or digital voice modes are not allowed.
    Each OL90 station counts only once per band and mode (CW, phone, digi).
    OK stations – 1 point per contact
    European stations (except OK) – 2 point per contact.
    Non European station (except Oceania) – 10 points per contact.
    Oceania stations – 20 points per contact.
    Details, online log & awards for download at:
    All contacts will be confirmed via LoTW, e-Qsl at no cost. Paper QSL cards via bureau upon request, no fee. Direct QSL requests - $2 - $3 depending on the target location.
    Certificates as downloadable PDF files free, printed paper certificates upon request, ask for the fee.
    73 Al 4L5A