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    13 Colonies Award - USA

    13 stations will be on the air, one from each of the former British colonies in what became the United States of America, for the 12th annual running of this on-air event, the “13 Colonies Special Event.” This is 13Z July 1 to 04Z July 8, and with the special 1X1 callsigns. Here is the list of the stations to look for this year:

    K2A, New York
    K2B, Virginia
    K2C, Rhode Island
    K2D, Connecticut
    K2E, Delaware
    K2F, Maryland
    K2G, Georgia
    K2H, Massachusetts
    K2I, New Jersey
    K2J, North Carolina
    K2K, New Hampshire
    K2L, South Carolina,
    K2M, Pennsylvania.

    To this day, the State of Delaware has the motto, “The First State,” as the first ones to sign the Declaration of Independence document. A bonus station will be WM3PEN from Philadelphia, where American “founding fathers” met to discuss revolution, independence, and the form of the new American government. The State of Pennsylvania is named for William Penn, the founder of the colony with a charter from the King, thus the WM3PEN callsign. “WM” is a common abbreviation for the name William. An award is available: July 4, “The Fourth of July,” aka “Independence Day,” is one of the biggest holidays in the USA.

    73 Al 4L5A