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    SN0ENI - ENIGMA Award

    SN0ENI ENIGMA Special Event Station will operate from September 1st to October 6th 2017

    to honor Marian Rejewski - Polish mathematician and cryptologist who reconstructed the Nazi German military Enigma cipher machine sight unseen in 1932. The cryptologic achievements of Rejewski contributed to change the course of events during World War II.

    The SP2PUT Academic Amateur Radio Club will be active on the air using callsign SN0ENI as part of the Military Communications Equipment Diploma.

    Due to the decisive importance Polish cryptologists in the field of reconstruction of ENIGMA encrypting machine,which had influence the course of WW2 ... we honour Them organizing this diploma action.
    The action is a history lesson about forgotten old military communications equipment, especially about the first Polish military radio stations of the interwar period, and to pay homage to the constructors and soldiers who used them during World War II.

    The diploma editor is SP OTC under the auspices of the Main Board of the Polish Amateur Radio Union /PZK/.

    To achieve diploma every Ham has to establish QSO with the following stations from 01.09.2017 to 06.10.2017.

    SN0NONE - (SP3KQV - Radio N1 - used during the Battle of Bzura)

    SN0NTWO - (SP3LD - Radio N2 - Defense of Hel)

    SN0RKD - (SP5WWL - Radio RKD - Defense of Warsaw)

    SN0AP - (SP8ZBX - Radio AP - Battle of Mokra)

    SN0BP - (SP2PMW - Radio BP - Defense of Westerplatte)

    SN0OSB - (SP3KWA - OSB receiver - Defense of Wizna)

    SN0ENI - (SP2PUT - ENIGMA machine - Pyry near Warsaw, Bletchley Park)

    The condition to obtain is to make at least 3 QSO's, differing in band or emission (CW, SSB, AM or DIGI) from one of the stations listed above.
    Cross-channel and cross-mode communications are not allowed. In total, you can earn 7 diplomas.

    Applications should be sent to before October 6th 2018.

    QSL card via SP0OTC
    SN0ENI Enigma Award
    73 Al 4L5A