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    UP2022HNY - UO2022HNY - UN2022HNY - UP2022SG

    Public youth association “Almaty Amateur Radio League” in cooperation with the Association of Amateur Radio Services of Kazakhstan conducts special activity days of Kazakh hams dedicated to the New Year. In that regard it establishes 2 diplomas: “Zhana zhanylyzben! Kazakhstan – 2022 – Happy New Year, Kazakhstan 2022” and “Snowgirl 2022”.
    Program conditions:
    Program period: from 25th of December 2021 00:00 UTC until 14th of January 2022 00:00 UTC
    QSOs (SWL) made on HF (including WARC) and VHF/UHF bands in various emission modes (CW, PHONE (SSB, FM, AM), DIGITAL (RTTY, PSK31, PSK63, FT8, FT4 etc. are counted as one mode) are valid. The duplicate QSOs (SWL) are valid on different bands and if they are made on the one band in different emission modes.
    One has to collect 22 points toward getting the “Zhana zhanylyzben! Kazakhstan – 2022 – Happy New Year, Kazakhstan 2022” diploma. QSO with UP2022HNY, UO2022HNY, UN2022HNY, UP2022SG give 4 points (for QSO in FT8 mode – 2 points), any QSOs with Kazakh hams during the activity period give 1 point each (provided that the logs for these QSOs are uploaded to the website)

    To obtain the “Snowgirl 2022” diploma, one must collect 22 points. One QSO with “Snowgirls” from the RYLC ( list is a must. QSOs with the special stations UP2022SG and members of RYLC ( give 5 points. QSO with UP2022HNY, UO2022HNY, UN2022HNY give 3 points (for QSO in FT8 mode – 2 points), QSOs with special new year stations from Russia or other countries give 1 point each.
    The diploma is issued free of charge in electronic format via the hamlog.onlineplatform. All SWL applications will be processed after the activity period is ended. Organizing committee will provide only electronic QSL which can be received via the website, LoTW and Diploma manager: Oksana UN5GV

    UP2022HNY UO2022HNY UN2022HNY UP2022SG Zhana zhanylyzben Kazakhstan

    UP2022HNY UO2022HNY UN2022HNY UP2022SG Kazakhstan DX News
    73 Al 4L5A