FMRE 90th Anniversary Award
90 years - 90 radio days


From January 1 to March 31, 2022

Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the “Federación Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores” promoting each of the 31 States and Mexico City of the country through the different bands and modes, for ninety days

All bands: assigned to radio amateurs in Mexico
Modes to work will be: CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8, FT4, Satélite.

At least one station in each state must be contacted, it can be in a different mode or band also mandatory with 4A90FMRE for each of the following awards:


Certificate Andrés Ebergeny: 32 States + 4A90FMRE
Certificate Julio Prieto Rodriguez: 24 States + 4A90FMRE
Certificate Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena: 12 States + 4A90FMRE
4A90COL, 4A90CMX, 4A90GTO, 4A90HGO, 4A90JAL, 4A90EMX, 4A90MIC will be active 1 - 15 January 2022.
4A90MOR, 4A90NAY, 4A90PUE, 4A90QRO, 4A90TLX, 4A90VER will be active 16 - 30 January 2022.

The logbook and the Awards will be check or download from the page:
At the end of the activity, the contacts will be upload to LotW y

Exchange: RST

Operation will be according to the calendar and in to national or international contest during the period between: january 1 and march 31, 2022

4A90FMRE Mexico

4A90AGS, 4A90BAC, 4A90BCS, 4A90COA, 4A90CHH, 4A90DGO will be active 31 January - 14 February 2022.
4A90NLE, 4A90SLP, 4A90SIN, 4A90SON, 4A90TAM, 4A90ZAC will be active 15 February - 1 March 2022.

4A90 Mexico DX News 2

4A90CAM, 4A90CHI, 4A90GRO, 4A90OAX, 4A90QUI, 4A90TAB, 4A90YUC will be active 2 - 16 March 2022.

4A90 Mexico DX News 3