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EH3CAT - Catalan - World Mother Language Day

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    EH3CAT - Catalan - World Mother Language Day

    February 21 is the World Mother Language Day proclaimed by the General Conference of UNESCO in November 1999, which is why we wanted to make our mother tongue known worldwide, which in this case is CATALAN. For this reason, from February 20 to 27, we will air the special call sign EH3CAT in all possible modes and bands.

    EH3CAT Diploma:

    There are 3 types of diplomas depending on the number of contacts made:
    •Bronze Diploma: 1 contact
    •Silver Diploma: 3 contacts
    •Gold Diploma: 5 contacts

    The contacts made on the same day cannot be repeated, they must be made in different bands or modes, in the contacts of different days the band and the mode can be repeated.

    For more information, consultation of contacts, download of @mdvqsl and download of diplomas in a fully automated way, the web has been created:

    QSL via LOTW and eQSL only. No paper QSL for this activity.
    Information received from Jaime, EA3HRE.

    EH3CAT Catalan, World Mother Language Day
    73 Al 4L5A