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T42ITU - Cuba

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    T42ITU - Cuba

    Activity with Special Callsign T42ITU, to celebrate World Telecommunications Day and the 157th Anniversary of the
    founding of the International Telecommunications Union.

    Objective: Make radio contacts in the HF, VHF, UHF bands, with the special station T42ITU, in Havana.
    Start: 00:00 hours UTC on Saturday, May 14.
    End: 23:59 UTC on Tuesday, May 17.
    Modes: SSB, Digital, CW and Satellites.
    Bands: 2M, 6M, 10M, 15M, 20M, 40M, 80M and Satellites
    Awards: 5 types of diplomas will be delivered in PDF format to colleagues who meet the following requirements:

    • Platinum Diploma: For contacting the station T42ITU in 5 HF Bands and through amateur radio stations via satellite regardless of the modality.

    • Gold Diploma: For contacting station T42ITU on at least one HF band and for making at least one contact through
    amateur radio stations via satellite.

    • HF Master Diploma: For contacting station T42ITU at least once in each mode (telephone, digital and CW) on 5 HF bands.

    • VHF Master's Diploma: For contacting station T42ITU in at least two of the following bands, and regardless of mode: 6M, 2M or through amateur radio satellite stations.

    • The national stations that contact at least once with the special station T42ITU may request a digital QSL card allegorical to the activity to the email The indicative and the word "QSL" must be reflected in the subject, and the contact data made in the body of the message.

    Log Sending: All logs received within a period not exceeding 15 days after the activity has been completed will be accepted, and requests for diplomas should be sent to the email The diploma request email will have as its subject your call sign and the name of the diploma to which you aspire; As an attachment to the email, a file in Adif format must be sent, whose name will be your indicative and will contain only the necessary contacts for the award of the diploma. In case of opting for more than one diploma, you must send an email for each request, stating that the one that does not meet the established requirements will be rejected.

    Processing time: The prizes will be delivered progressively 1 month and 15 days after the end of the activity.
    Publication of statistics: On Tuesday, May 17 at 21:30 UTC on the 7,110 MHz frequency, the statistics of the activity recorded up to the previous day will be offered in a preliminary manner. The official statistics will be published 10 days after the end of the activity.

    Claims: Claims, complaints and suggestions will be received at The indicative and the word: CLAIM, COMPLAINT or SUGGESTION, as the case may be, must be present in the subject of the mail. Emails for these purposes will be handled by the organizing committee of the activity and the response, if warranted, will be given within a term not exceeding 5 days after review.


    • All contacts will be confirmed via LOTW and

    • For purposes of requesting diplomas, contacts through repeater stations will be valid only for national stations.

    • The phone operation in the 2M band will be in FM.

    • The operation in the 6M band will be limited to propagation conditions, in the case of not being able to carry out operations in this band, in order to obtain the VHF Master Diploma. Only contacts made through amateur radio satellite stations and other contacts made in the 2M band will be valid.


    Operator teams:


    T42ITU Cuba
    73 Al 4L5A