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WAZ Award News 1 September 2022

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    WAZ Award News 1 September 2022

    CQ WAZ Announcement
    From N4BAA, Jose Castillo
    Effective September 1st, 2022

    CQ WAZ Program officially launches its Two PLAQUE offering. Any and ALL CQ award now qualifies for a plaque. There are 2 offerings: a Level 1 plaque (Wood) and a Level 2 plaque (Acrylic glass on wood).
    Both are very elegant. Plaques are available for ANY and ALL past earned WAZ awards as well! Plaques can be viewed at or visit N4BAA com for information on how to order. ALL Plaques ordered are received in about one week in the US and about three weeks anywhere globally.

    Also effective September 1st, 2022
    The Hand Lettered traditional large WAZ paper certificates will cost $19.00 USD. For decades, this item has been free of charge, but CQ can no longer absorb this cost.

    73 Al 4L5A