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YR1400VT - Romania

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    YR1400VT - Romania

    YR1400VT Special Event station will be active from Romania.
    Most of the operators of the station YR1400VT are children and teenagers, all of them with amateur radio license, members of YO6KGS School Radio Club, so please be patient with them.
    Special Award will be available:
    PERIOD: From December 2022 to June 30, 2023.

    MODES: SSB and CW.

    CW speed: 14 wpm or less. We don't use CW decoder.

    BANDS: Contacts can be made using the following bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 10m and 6m.

    A slot is a radio contact in the same band, mode and month.

    A radio contact in the same band and mode can be repeated during the following month. It counts only once per month.

    There are 119 SLOTS as shown in the table below, 17 slots for each month, beginning with December 2022, ending in June 30, 2023.

    YR1400VT Romania


    There are four different categories, depending on the number of slots (or SWL reports in the case of Short Waves Listeners).


    At least 7 contacts with the station YR1400VT in different bands/modes/months (7 different slots).


    At least 14 contacts with the station YR1400VT in different bands/modes/months (14 different slots).


    At least 21 contacts with the station YR1400VT in different bands/modes/months (21 different slots).


    At least 50 contacts received in 3 or more different bands, minimum 10 QSOs per band. Altogether at least 50 QSOs received. The SWL log must be sent via e-mail according to the requests below.

    Diplomas will be available for free in PDF format via e-mail.
    You will receive it in 30 days after request, only if you meet the conditions for obtaining the diploma and fill out the log correctly.
    All the diplomas will indicate the name and callsign of the requestor.
    A special Diploma will be awarded to all stations that will have completed all 17 main slots (9 bands/2 modes).
    Each band/mode/month contact counts only once, duplicate contacts during the period of the same month are not taken into account. Repeated QSOs are recommended if you are not sure that the QSO was made properly.


    Logs are required to be sent in cabrillo format to after March 15, 2023, but not later than July 10, 2023, and the diploma will be sent to the requester by email.
    The log MUST show the following information for each contact: correct date and time in UTC, frequency (or band), call sign, exchange sent, and exchange received.
    The QSOs must be written in chronological order.
    Logs submitted after July 10, 2023 are not eligible for awards.
    The log can also be written with Notepad in a TXT file, attached inside the e-mail. The title of the file can be the callsign,
    SWLs will also send their logs until July 10, 2023, to and their diploma will be sent by email. They must specify their SWL callsign, name, surname and also the complete callsigns received for each QSO.

    Sample of log:

    START-OF-LOG: 3.0


    NAME: [....]

    EMAIL: [.....]

    QSO: 28000 SSB 2023-06-05 1316 YO1XXX 59 YR1400VT 59

    QSO: 7000 CW 2023-06-09 1929 YO1XXX 599 YR1400VT 599

    QSO: 14000 SSB 2023-06-10 1037 YO1XXX 59 YR1400VT 59

    [. . .all the QSOs made with YR1400VT until the request.... ]

    QSO: 21000 SSB 2023-06-14 1839 YO1XXX 59 YR1400VT 59

    QSO: 14000 CW 2023-06-30 1444 YO1XXX 599 YR1400VT 599


    YR1400VT Romania

    Information received from Mihai Suciu, YO6SM/LB9HI and his daughter Nico, YO6YLJ will parcipicate in that event.

    73 Al 4L5A

    bronze edition received
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