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95th Anniversary of the Red Tent

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    95th Anniversary of the Red Tent

    “95th Anniversary of the Red Tent” Award

    The Award is established on the occasion of the “95th Anniversary of the Red Tent”.

    Participation: It is open to all Italian and foreign OM and SWL.

    Period: 00:00 UTC 05/25/2023 to 07/12/2023 24:00 UTC.

    Bands and Modes: The bands used will be 80-40-20-15-10 Mt. and in the following emission modes: SSB, CW.

    Score and Ratios: Bilateral connections with RS(T) ratio with II1ITR station will have value:

    CATEGORY (A) SSB 1 point 10-15-20Mt – 2 points 40Mt – 3 points 80Mt

    CATEGORY (B) CW 1 point 10-15-20Mt – 2 points 40Mt – 3 points 80Mt

    The points of the two categories are not cumulative.

    The special callsign station may only be connected once a day on each band and mode of transmission.

    Attainment of the Award:

    In order to apply for the Award, it will be necessary to achieve:

    30 points for Italian OM

    30 points for foreign OM

    The same rules for OM as for SWL will apply.

    The activity makes use of Live Log and Live score counters of the platform.

    The Diplomas will be automatically downloadable from the QRZ.COM II1ITR page or from the at the end of the activation.

    The rankings will be published on the A.R.I. Radio Rivista website and QRZ.COM(II1ITR).


    A commemorative medal will be sent to the first classified in each category, with the same score the date and time of the first QSO of each band will be valid.

    Note: For all the OM or SWL who will contact the II1ITR station at least once, it will be possible to automatically download the QSL from the QRZ.COM II1ITR page or from the plataform

    Those who request the qsl card via the Bureau will have only one qsl card with the first contact,
    There will be the possibility to download the Eqsl automatically from the platform for all contacts.

    Any direct paper QSL requests will be sent upon receipt of:

    1 US$ for Italy NO IRC and pre-paid envelope

    3 US$ for Europe NO IRC

    4 US$ outside Europe NO IRC

    5 US$ VK-ZL Pacific Area NO IRC


    Oscar Benedetto Barberi – Via Arquello, 6

    28053 Castelletto Sopra Ticino - Novara - Italy

    ONLY ON 25th of MAY from the Milan Science and Technology Museum

    The message sent from the Pack by the Airship ITALIA will be transmitted only in CW (Morse alphabet), the message will be transmitted from 08.00 UTC to 14.00 UTC ,20Mt and 40Mt Band; whoever sends the correct message to email will receive a Diploma in pdf format downloadable from platform. The last available date to send the email will be 31st of May 2023 inclusive, from 1st of June 2023, for validated messages, the Diploma will be downloadable from the platform.

    QSL Manager
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