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1000 Miglia 2023

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    1000 Miglia 2023

    we will return soon with information


    1000 Miglia Award 2023
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    The A.R.I. branch of Brescia, under the authorization of 1000 Miglia s.r.l. to the use of the brand, in cooperation with the A.R.I. of Rome, Milano, Parma, Ravenna and all the OMs from those provinces, issue an AWARD to celebrate the 41th historical re-enactmen of the prestigious car race and the 96th anniversary of the first 1000 Miglia in 1927. The "race" will be run on the Brescia-Rome-Brescia route from 13 to 17 June 2023. Some of the cars that run the classic "Mille Miglia", known as "the most beautiful car race in the world", between 1927 and 1957, will take part to the race too.

    To achieve the Diploma, the OM and SWL must work / listen the activator stations located in the Provinces of Brescia, Parma, Milano, Ravenna and Rome from 3 to 18 June until the achievement of the following scores:

    25 points for the Italian stations
    15 points for the European stations
    8 points for Extra-European stations Some

    Jolly Stations will be active during the period: IQ2CF (ARI Brescia) IQ2MI ( ARI Milano ) IQ0RM (ARI Rome) IQ4AD (ARI Parma) IQ4RA (ARI Ravenna) II2MM Super Jolly

    Station Score: 1 point for each QSO with OM from the Provinces of Brescia, Milano, Rome, Parma e Ravenna. 3 points for each QSO with Jolly stations. 5 points for each QSO with the Super Jolly station Bands: all HF, VHF UHF bands. Modes: CW, SSB, Digi.

    The same station can be worked once a day per mode and per band.

    Log: must be sent by 15 July 2023 via e-mail to the diploma manager – IZ2FOS Lorenzo Mendini:

    The diploma will be issued for free in .pdf format and sent to the applicants after July 31st 2023. The classification will be published on the ARI Brescia website divided as follows:  Hunter Stations Top scores (applicants for the diploma) divided into Italian, European and Extra-european.  Activator Stations The top scorers in each category - Italians, European and EXTRA European - will be awarded with a little prize. The Award Manager ARI Brescia President Lorenzo Mendini Fabio Mazzucchi

    The list of activator's :

    I0JBL Luciano I4VIL Carlo I4VJC Giuliano IK0AKI Maurizio IK0IXR Carlo IK0JOE Daniele IK0XFD Giordano IK0ZIO Claudio IK2CLB MARCO IK2GWH Paolo IK2MMM MARCO IK2ULM Sandro IK2ZJP MARIO IK4MHC Paolo IU0DHV Pierluigi IU0FLF Alessandro IU0HDC Mauro IU0IJW Daniele IU0ITX Silverio IU0QME Marcello IU2IBU Alessandro IU2NUB Roberto IU4KET Massimo IU4OJU Massimo IZ0MIY Marco IZ0UIN Fabrizio IZ0VQU Mirko IZ2AMW Paolo IZ2BKA Giorgio IZ2FDU Fausto IZ2FOS Lorenzo IZ2UQE Enrico IZ2ZQQ Ivo IZ2ZSK Gabriele IZ2BVC Simone I2CZQ Piero IQ2CF SEZ. Ari Brescia IQ0RM SEZ. Ari Roma II2MM Staz. SuperJolly IQ4RA SEZ. Ari Ravenna IQ4AD SEZ. Ari Parma IQ2MI SEZ. Ari Milano

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