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    The NZART Conference 2024 Award To celebrate and promote the NZART Conference to be held at the Airforce Museum of New Zealand, Wigram on Kings Birthday Weekend 1-2 June 2024. Points toward the Award are earned by contacting the stations listed below between October 1st 2023 and May 31st 2024. NZART Conference Callsign ZL6WG
    10 points. One contact per calendar day on each band/mode NZART Branch Callsigns ZL3AF (Branch 01) ZL3AC (Branch 05) ZL3RR (Branch 68)
    5 points for each branch callsign worked. One contact per call sign per calendar day on each band/mode Branch 01/05/68 members using GROTA pre-1945 military radio Various
    5 points per contact. One contact per call sign per calendar day on each band/mode
    Members of NZART Branch 01, 05 or 68
    2 points per contact. One contact per call sign per calendar day on each band/mode Award Rank
    Points required
    Pilot Officer
    Flying Officer
    Flight Lieutenant
    Squadron Leader
    Wing Commander
    Group Captain
    Air Commodore
    Air Vice Marshall
    Air Marshall
    We hope you enjoy chasing this award. Getting to “Air Rank” will be a challenge but we’ll ensure the Conference callsign is on air as often as possible to help. In addition to the Jock White Field Day, NZART Autumn Sprints and Sangster Shield, the Branch and Conference stations will be active at other times including the 80m Awards Net and the NZART Portable Activity Day (1st January). Members of Branches 05 and 68 are active most Saturdays on 40m SSB/CW during SOTA/POTA/WWFF activities. We have a few guidelines and rules which are provided below to assist you to make contacts with award stations. Christchurch area branch call signs ZL3AC (Branch 05), ZL3AF (Branch 01) and ZL3RR (Branch 68) will be activated as often as possible, depending on our ability to find volunteers to activate them. We will publicise some of these activations in advance on the NZART webpage, via email bulletins and social media so please be sure to subscribe to the NZART Members mailing lists and NZART Facebook page to receive notifications. Other activations of a routine or ongoing nature may not have special bulletins dedicated to them. E.g. National System and Awards Net operations. Logs (any format) are to be submitted to and must contain at a minimum: callsign, date, time, band, mode The Award consists of a high quality colour PDF certificate via email that you can have printed at a local stationery supplier for a few dollars. Rules for the Conference and Branch callsign operators 1) Individuals volunteering to operate Club call signs must be financial members of that club and have the permission of the callsign trustee. Individuals volunteering to operate the special Conference callsign must be financial members of NZART and have the permission of the callsign trustee (ZL3GA). 2) Individuals using the Club or Conference call signs may use any bands or modes, permitted by their license including repeaters and the national system, keeping in mind that the goal is to allow as many ZL Amateurs as possible to contact them. 3) Individuals using the Club or Conference callsigns must not operate in a manner that would bring discredit to the Club or NZART or damage the Club or NZART’s reputation. 4) Individuals using the Club or Conference call signs must keep a log (callsign, date, time, band, mode).
    5) Logs from the Conference callsign station operations are to be submitted regularly to Logs are to be in ADIF format. QSL will be via the ARRL Logbook of the World (LoTW) only. RULES FOR ALL NZART AWARDS 1. NZART stresses the ‘honour system.’ Award applicants do not have to hold QSL cards for claimed contacts. It is sufficient to merely certify that the QSO was legitimately made. This rule applies to all NZART sponsored awards. 2. QSOs made by IRLP, Echolink, or other Internet enabled communication are not acceptable for any award. All QSOs must be by two-way conversation made by radio. D-Star and other DV modes are only acceptable if they are radio to radio contacts with no Internet linking. 3. Cross-band operation is not acceptable for any awards. 4. Repeater QSOs are valid only when specifically stated in the individual award rules (specifically allowed in the case of the NZART Conference 2024 Award). 5. Awards are open to SWL (shortwave listeners) as well as amateur radio operators worldwide. 6. Satellite and EME contacts are acceptable if they are radio to radio contacts with no Internet linking.
    We look forward to seeing you at the NZART Annual Conference - Air Force Museum of New Zealand, Wigram, Christchurch over Kings Birthday weekend 1-2 June 2024. Consider booking early to get the best deals on flights and accommodation.

    ZL6WG New Zealand
    73 Al 4L5A