From June 1 to 16, 2024, a diploma campaign will be held to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Association of long-distance radio communication enthusiasts SP DX Club.
1.The SP DX Club Association of Long Range Radio Communications Enthusiasts is the issuer of the diploma.
2.Commemorative stations participate in the diploma action: SP65S, SO65P, SN65D, HF65X, 3Z65C.
3.To receive a diploma, one must make QSOs with all commemorative stations working on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the SP DX Club from June 1-16, 2024, and accumulate a minimum of 65 points.
4.Each passed communication in the diploma action gives 5 points.
5.The diploma includes communications conducted with commemorative stations on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the SP DX Club on any of the HF bands with CW, SSB, DIGI. It is not allowed to repeat QSOs on the same band and with the same mode.
6.The diploma is issued free of charge in electronic form through the LOGSP platform
7.A diploma on identical terms is available for SWL stations. Listening list containing QSO data in the following layout: station callsign, date, time (UTC time), correspondent callsign, band, mode should be sent to the e-mail address
8.In case of doubts about the interpretation of the rules, decisions rest with the Board of Directors of the SP DX Club.

Award Manager Radek SP5ADX

Award Technican Manager Adam SQ9S

SP DX Club Award