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Latvia 100 - Award

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    Latvia 100 - Award

    This award is issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Latvian Republic.
    1. To receive this award you must make QSO with Latvian HAMs from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018.
    All QSO valid in all HF (+ WARC) and VHF bands and all modes.
    All DIGI modes and speed are considered as different modes.
    2. Scoring. On HF bands : One point for YL station on each band and mode.
    Special and contest stations ( YL100A,YL1A,YL3W,…) – 2 point.
    On VHF (up 50 MHz) – points are doubled.
    3. Award degrees : 4th degree - 25 points, MIX bands and MIX modes
    3rd degree - 50 points, “
    2nd degree – 75 points, “
    1st degree -100 points, “
    4. On one band and/or one mode points are doubled.
    5. Awards numbering in each groups is different.
    6. The award is free and will be send to you via email as a PDF or JPG file.
    7. Send your GCR for QSO/SWL via email to the award manager
    Alex Vilks YL-RS-01 ,
    8. In case you want to receive a paper award you pay postage.

    Latvia 100 Amateur Radio Award

    73 Al 4L5A