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Tsunami - Sunda Strait

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    Tsunami - Sunda Strait

    YB2TJV, Dani, the IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Coordinator, says ham radio is very active in responding to the 22 December 2018 tsunami.
    Hundreds were killed, with news media now reporting 373 confirmed deaths, with many others hurt when the sea surged ashore in the Sunda Strait.
    Hundreds of buildings were damaged too.
    The government thinks the tsunami was possibly caused by undersea landslides after the Krakatoa volcano erupted, giving as little as 10 minutes' warning of the impending tidal wave.
    The Strait separates the islands of Java and Sumatra, connecting the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean.
    The full moon is also causing high tides and large waves, adding to the problem.
    Hams in Banten Province are particularly active on VHF and also using 7110 on HF.
    They ask that hams elsewhere keep 7110 clear.

    73 Al 4L5A