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    Proportion of Modes - Club Log

    It’s time for some fresh number-crunching using Club Log! Without relying on anything but broad, aggregate data there is so much that we can reveal, all from our ADIF files combined in one large database. This is one of the great advantages of the “big data” resource you’ve created by uploading your logs to Club Log, and I’m very grateful for your participation. It means, for example, I can compute the Most Wanted list by ranking activity (per band, mode or continent – or any combination of the three) or understand new trends in operating habits and report back to you. That’s just what I’ll do here.

    As we enter 2019, I’ve been running some reports on activity uploaded in logs up to the end of December last year.

    The average number of QSOs made by each Club Log user who uploaded a log during 2018 was 1,900 QSOs. You could characterise Club Log users as quite active radio amateurs, I think!

    The total number of QSOs uploaded was quite high – more than any previous year – at 41.3 million QSOs. That’s 12% higher than 2017 or 2016 (which were nearly identical at 36.8 million QSO each – and 2015 was 39.8 million). I think that fact is more significant given the ongoing decline of this particular solar cycle, and it’s possible evidence of extra activity from FT8 and newly-active amateurs who’d run out of steam on CW and SSB, but are back to try digital modes.

    Operating Habits

    In 2017, 8,000 Club Log users had uploaded at least one QSO with FT8. However, in 2018, that number has risen to 14,200. For comparison, 13,900 users uploaded at least one CW contact, and 18,000 at least one phone (mainly SSB) contact. The total number of active users was just under 22,000 across all modes in 2018. What may surprise you is that this is down from 24,500 in 2015 (it’s fallen a little bit each year since then). I hate to mention our demographic. Let’s assume people are bored of Club Log, which is an easier pill to swallow!

    Club Log Proportion of Modes
    73 Al 4L5A