Janusz Wegrzyn SP9FIH has won the 2019 Single-Operator Cass Award

For the third year in a row, Janusz has won the Single-Operator Cass Award, this time by working 7518 unique stations during his one-man DXpedition to Palestine as E44WE.

Petr Bohacek OK1BOA, Petr Spacil OK1FCJ, Pavol Halek OK1CRM, Pavel Novak OK1GK, Ruda Sedlak OK2ZA, Ludek Odehnal OK2ZC, Karel Odehnal OK2ZI, David Beran OK6DJ, and Rob Rey HK3CW have won the 2019 Unlimited Cass Award

The 5K0K team worked 20,744 unique stations from San Andrés Island, setting a new record for the Unlimited Cass Award.