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Amateur Radio licensing in Iran

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    Amateur Radio licensing in Iran

    EP2LMA Mohamad, president of AARS ( Alborz Amateur Radio Society ) and EP2C,(Alborz DX Club) wants to share information regarding the use of Six meters band in Iran. Six meters band is forbidden in his country even for DX Peditions and the use of this band for EP operators could damage the relationship between Iranian CRA ( communication Regulatory Authority) and Operators.
    He talked with most of the hams in his country asking them to stop transmissions in 6 meters band to avoid problems, please help us, do not contact any EP station on 6 meters band.
    There are three licenses in Iran , Technician , General and Extra , there aren’t Extra licensed hams in Iran and the 80 % of the ham radio licenses are technicians. No one of the licenses allow operations on 6 meters band. The maximum power allowed for technician class is 30 watts and for general class 100 watts. There are two pictures explaining Frequencies and power allowed for each license. The first picture is fore technician class and the second for General class.

    Iran Technician License

    Picture 1 Technician class license

    Iran General License

    Picture 2 General License

    Information received from Pedro, EA5GL.
    73 Al 4L5A