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    PJ2T - The Curacao Contesting Club Association - News


    I'm happy to let you know that after 17 years of contest activity from Curacao we have finally secured a permanent club license and permanent use of the PJ2T callsign.

    For several hundred contests over that period of time we have had to apply well in advance for use of the PJ2T callsign for each specific contest and pay a special event callsign fee.

    We "incorporated" in 2011 as "The Curacao Contesting Club Association," a legally constituted entity on the island. This involved a lengthy, bureaucratically complex, and very expensive process which has proceeded in these intervening six years between application and finally granting of our license. Our application was supported in writing by the other ham radio club on the island, VERONA, and we are grateful to PJ2BR, PJ2KC, and PJ2BVU for their support of our club license application.

    We are also grateful to the government officials of Bureau Telecommunicatie for showing confidence in CCC and in the PJ2T operators in their decision to grant us this permanent club license.

    Beginning in mid-October, you will be hearing the PJ2T callsign on the bands at all times and not just the contest weekends.

    73, Thanks for the QSOs,

    - Geoff, W0CG, PJ2DX
    73 Al 4L5A