Thailand's regulatory authority, NBTC, has given temporary operating permission on six meters and expanded 80 meter spectrum during contests. Described as "throughout the 80 meter band and on six meters," it encompasses 14 weekend operating events. Intermediate and advanced class license holders will be allowed to do this. On 80 it means 3.6-3.9 MHz during eight international events and on 50-54 MHz, six meters, during six VHF weekend events.

The "temporary approval" is for 2017-2018, and some of these approvals are for events that have already occurred. We'll see how this works out for future years. Previously, Thai hams were limited to 3.5-3.6 on 80 and 50-54 MHz was completely off limits. Thai hams, members of RAST, must register their intentions in advance for these activities.
Operators must also submit an electronic log to RAST, the national ham organization, within a week after a contest.