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Kohjinsha KL - 1 - 5 kWt HF Amplifier

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    Kohjinsha KL - 1 - 5 kWt HF Amplifier

    KL-1 Kohjinsha 5 kWt HF Amplifier
    pressttabe channels

    1.8~2.0MHz , 3.5~4.0MHz , 7.0~7.3MHz
    (10~10.15MHz) , 14.0~14.35MHz , 18.068~18.168MHz
    21.0~21.45MHz , 24.89~24.99MHz , 28.0~29.7MHz
    14 presettable channels.
    2 channels for 3.5, 7, 14 ,21 and 28MHz band.
    1 channel for 1.8, 10, 18 and 24MHz band. input connector 50Ω Unbalanced, BNC
    Output connector 50Ω Unbalanced, SO239
    Operating temp. 0℃~+40℃ (32°F ~ 104°F)
    Control cable 7m(23′) *optional 10m(32′), 20m(65′)
    Mode CW, SSB, Digital Dimension
    (Main Unit)(Controller) 478mmW X 800mm H X 564mmD without caster hight.
    (18″W X31″H X22″D)
    320mmW X107mmH X167.5mmD case size
    (12″W X4″H X6″D)
    Driving power 75W~200W
    AC input 200 , 220 , 230 , 240VAC
    Approx. 40Amps at 230VAC
    (Main Unit)
    (Controller) 106Kg(235lbs)
    Price - 10000 USD


    73 Al 4L5A

    The KL-1 consists of a sophisticated and sturdy Main Unit and a Desk Top
    Controller with five meters (HV, IP, IG, FWD, and REF). The LCD displays
    BAND and ANTENNA CHANNEL allowing you continuous monitoring of the amplifiers.
    The 7 meter (23') Remote Control Cable allows for remote installation of the Main Unit, providing you a separation with the heat and noise associated with the Main Unit.
    ※See specitications. Preset tuning makes it easy to QSY quickly from one band to another. You can preset up to 14 frequencies in ham bands . After you set channels, QSY is so easy and quick. You can move up and down between adjacent bands in less than a second. Maximum waiting time to move from 160m to 10m is 30 seconds. KL-1 should help your operation without stress. You can Preset up to 14 frequencies in Ham bands. Preset tuning provides quick frequency changes. Adjacent band changes are less than a second. Maximum time between 160m to 10m is 30 seconds.
    73 Al 4L5A