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Building Giant 2m Corner Reflector Antenna

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    Building Giant 2m Corner Reflector Antenna

    Building a Giant 2m Corner Reflector Antenna For Less than $200 (For Goes-16, Pulsars and More!)

    I've been chasing more and more complicated radio projects for over a year now and I thought it was finally time to invest in a more serious antenna. But I wanted one that anyone could build, not just one I bought. So I set out to build one as large as possible on the smallest budget.

    Based on a 3d corner reflector design I originally found on the design should be more than capable of picking up everything from satellite transmissions from the geostationary band, moon bounces, and will be very useful for radio astronomy.

    One detail I wanted to clarify was the monopole that acts as the second electrode in the antenna. I talked about it briefly in the video but it isn't actually shown. Nor have I added the coax for connecting to our radio receiver yet. Both pieces will be added in the next video where we take this for a test drive.

    73 Al 4L5A