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  • VE7WK
    Please excuse my amateur attempt and using this forum. This is the first time I have ever used any forum and so I'm on a steep learning curve but I think I sort of get it. Anyway, I was given a beam antenna (see photo) with no information of how to set it up. I think I have a 5 element antenna. I know the basic technical nature of this type of antenna but if someone could tell me from looking at the driver support element bracket what kind of brand of antenna I have that would be great. If someone could tell me how to space the elements that would be even greater. Any information would help.
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  • 4L5A
    started a topic F2DX - Antennas

    F2DX - Antennas

    Video F2DX Antennas Author - Patrick, F2DX.
    Climbing a tower and repairing an antenna is part of on going work to ham radio.
    The two antennas on this tower are a DXBeam 8 elements 30-17-12m and a DXBeam 7 elements 6m.
    Since a previous storm, the 2 antennas were no longer in the same direction, and the guying for the boom of the 8 elements WARC had come down.