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    LFA Antennas

    VA3NCD Video.
    I've put this quick video together to demonstrate the difference in the noise level I'm getting while using the InnovAntennas' 7 element LFA2, as compared to the other antenna I'm currently using. The ANT1 in the video is my old antenna, the ANT2 is the LFA2. Additionally, the LFA in testing is installed just about 10ft above the ground, in my backyard, for some rough tuning/testing.Towards the end of this video, there is some part of SSB contact recorded, with the local station coming significantly stronger on my old antenna, than it is on the LFA. That would likely be the fact the local station is almost exactly in the back of the LFA, some 20km E-NE from me.
    Both the LFA and the old antenna are pointing S-SW during this test.

    I've picked some weak signals, at the end of today's band opening, as the benefit is best seen on such.
    I only regret I wasn't quick enough to make some recording of the LU/CX/VP8 that were nicely heard on the LFA, in a TEP earlier today, too.

    Well, all I can say is that I wish I had met Justin (G0KSC) some 15 years earlier...
    Would have been much more fun DX'ing on 6m...

    Now, I have three more of those, and an H-frame,
    and all required accessories already prepared, waiting for better timing to install the entire array, which I hope is coming soon.

    VK2GGC Video Comprasion between LFA Antenna and TH6 taken by VK2PV
    Comparison between a G0KSC Loop Feed Array 10m Yagi and a TH6 at club station VK2GGC Australia during 2012 ARRL 10m contest. Ant 1 = LFA, Ant 2 = TH6, taken by VK2PV.

    Note the difference in weak signals noise reception at 2:45 min - 2:48 min

    Audio taken from an Icom 7600 speaker (not via speaker jack) to simulate real working conditions.

    While on average the LFA produced 4-6 signal points better performance than the TH6 (on both RX and TX), the most significant differences were in low level signal work.

    Please note: The photo of the two antennas side by side shows them in opposite directions. This was taken later in the day after the comparison tests.

    73 Al 4L5A