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    ARRL DX Advisory Committee - News

    Information from Bernie, W3UR Daily DX.

    Late last week the ARRL DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) was asked to give feedback on the following two items. Please send one email for each question with the subject below in the email subject field. You can find your DXAC representative email address at Please give them your feedback ASAP as they have to have the info back to the PSC (Programs and Services Committee) by January 10th. All comments should go to your DXAC rep and not your editor. Oh and for DX stations they did not say who to send your comments to – so my suggestion is to just pick one.

    The ARRL DXAC has been assigned two tasks. Most significant is the question of revising the requirement for 5BDXCC to start with any five bands and also Silent Keys on the Annual DXCC List.

    Questions: Is it in the best interest of the DXCC program to revise the rules with respect to the Five-Band DXCC award as to allow any five bands to qualify instead of the existing required five bands required (10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 Meters)?

    1. Is this thought widespread in your Divisions?
    2. Is this being motivated by the current low ebb in the solar cycle?
    3. Does this devalue the award?
    4. Does this proposed new rule go against the original intent of 5BDXCC?

    Please use the subject line “5BDXCC” for your comments.


    The second task follows:

    PER Minute 28 of the PSC meeting the following question is put forth to DXAC:

    QUESTIONS: What is the consensus on DXAC for the removal of silent keys (SK’s) from DXCC Annual List?
    1. NOTE: The DXCC Annual List is only a list of those showing activity (making at least one application) in the past year.
    2. HQ Staff may have some difficulties with this as far as correct information.
    3. This does not have to be a firm yes or no answer but rather a comment(s) from DXAC.
    Please report the DXAC’s comments back to PSC by 10 January, 2020.

    Please use the subject line "DXCC Annual List" for your comments.
    73 Al 4L5A