OH Boy! The Amateur Radio League of Finland (SRAL) is celebrating its 100th Anniversary.

Finland is a small, modern Republic of 5 million inhabitants located on the very northern frontier of Europe. Finns live life between the East and the West, belonging to the alliance of the European Union. SRAL’s strength lies in having one of the highest membership percentages among the IARU R1 membership societies. So, this is all of us OHs welcoming you to our centennial year activity.


Just contact 100 (one hundred) of your OH friends during 2021 and 10 (ten) specially featured Finnish stations to earn the OH Northern Light 100-year certificate (OH-NL-100) and the featured story, explaining the magic of the OH-land and the Northern Lights;
Your 100 contact should include 50 OH stations and 50 OF stations, a total of 100. A special OF prefix will be launched to all OH stations on September15th, 2021. Your maximum point value can be 100. The number of your OF/OH contacts.


SRAL and its members are active in a wide range of Amateur Radio activities and each of the ten multipliers represent some of those activities. The multiplying stations are; OH100SRAL, OH2A, OH0W, OJ0C, OF2HQ, OH2YOTA, OG2B, OH6SRAL, OI3AX and OF9X.
Multiplying your QSO points (maximum 100) by your multiplier value (max 10) will give you your score – maximum of 1000 points. OH Boy!
All who score 1000 points and the top-ten continental highest scorers will receive their OH-NL-100 certificate signed by Santa Claus. A special lottery will feature additional special prizes that will be announced later.
Your log extract should be sent to the Santa Claus offices at; of9x@sral.fi during January 2022. The same address will answer all questions relating to this centennial activity.
OH100SRAL: This is the official SRAL centennial jubilee station which is circulating all year throughout Finland and is activated by SRAL’s member societies (120) and special activity groups.
OH2A: This is the SRAL HQ station in our capital, Helsinki. It is rarely active internationally but to honor this special year you can catch it occasionally. Surely A is first in the alphabets.
OF2HQ: With the country-wide unified SRAL-team it is expected that all of Finland will be active in IARU radio sport, July 10-11, one way or another. Mid-summer is the time when all OHs smile. OH boy!
OH0W: Aland Islands is Finland’s share in the DXCC program. But also, the most beautiful archipelago to visit and enjoy. It is home to three HF superstations and the historical battlefield of all OH contesters for once winning the world -- CQWW at OH0W 1982.
OJ0C: Market Reef is a rare one with adventure and challenges on right on its doorstep. So many from far and near have experienced DXotica over the barren rock in the midst of stormy seas. It is a dream for landlubbers not to see anything in the horizon.
OH2YOTA: The Finnish youth are the movers and shakers in the YOTA movement and hosted one of the early ones in Finland. At the core of SRAL activities the theme in Finland is that only youth can communicate with youth. OH Boy! Also, only youth would know what makes them tick!!
OG2B: The IARU/NCDXF beacon network has been supported by the SRAL and its dedicated members for almost 40 years. While OH2B is busy at work, the alternative OG2B will be its substitute during this centennial jubilee. Surely you have used the network; www.ncdxf.org.beacon/
OI3AX: Amateur Radio activity in the Finnish Signal Corps (OI prefix) have a brilliant history of cooperation with SRAL. Many well-known OHs have caught the bug while doing their service to their country. OI3AX will represent the country-wide network of 35 OI-locations.
OH6SRAL: Every Saturday at 3 PM SRAL transmits its radio news to its entire membership. OH6 is in the middle of the country and has a long history of such transmissions. The chief, Heikki, OH6ZS has done those transmissions for more than 40 years and his dedication to this duty continues.
OF9X: Old-Father-Nine-Xmas, has excited the little radio operators and their families for many years from the land of Christmas. Once Santa Claus was pushed to the North Pole but these Santa transmissions from Finland have finally proved that Finland is the same as the North Pole.
Thank You, OH Boy! You are most welcome to join the party as you have now made yourself familiar with Finland and SRAL, now celebrating its centennial. Just jump into the sleight of Santa and go for 1000 points… and greet your fellow OHs along the way. Good luck and see you on our way to Cycle 25!