I FIELD DAY VCAN Coinciding with the closest to the anniversary of the start of the last volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands (La Palma, September 19, 2021).
Several operators will transmit this day from different valid references for the Canary Islands Volcanoes awards.

This event is not a contest but a special day (field day) in which the operators from the different VCAN references decide in which modes and bands they are going to operate according to the bases established in the Awards.

Those operators who participate from the different VCAN references (activators), will receive a diploma in pdf format commemorating their participation in this event. For those of you who participate from your homes (hunters), the references worked will be worth it to continue completing the different VCAN awards in their different modes and bands.

For any questions you can write to: diplomavcan@gmail.com
Information received from Jose, EA8CNR.

VCAN Canary Islands