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ClubLog server capacity is now dedicated into Covid-19

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    ClubLog server capacity is now dedicated into Covid-19

    Dear all,

    Today, I have allocated 100% of Club Log's computing resources to scientific research into COVID-19 proteins, as part of the Folding@Home project.

    Club Log is contributing 120 CPU cores (most running at 3.4GHz) to this project. I have taken the decision to give this work higher priority than Club Log's usual amateur radio functions, so you may see uploads take slightly longer. I do not think most users will notice the additional wait, but I've added a warning to the upload form inside Club Log to explain. I am also looking at dedicating many more computers through my primary business (Third Light).

    You can read more about this distributed computing project at

    You can help, too, by contributing your own computer to the project. If you have a recent home computer with a good graphics card, and if a lot of people make a contribution, it will make a significant difference to the research, potentially reducing decades of work to a far shorter time frame that will make a practical difference this year. Before you rush in, bear in mind that you may incur extra energy costs and produce more heat as your computer will be continually operating at 100% CPU when you are not using it (this is ok on server equipment but make sure you know what you're doing if you are using a normal home computer).

    To read more, start by opening and follow the instructions to download the client for Windows or Mac if you wish.

    Club Log has a Folding@Home team, number 246763.

    Finally, I must let you know that I am stretched quite thinly at work as everything is up in the air. I know others will be experiencing this too. At the moment, I cannot spare much time for the Club Log helpdesk other than at the weekends. Sorry if there is any additional delay replying, but don't worry, Dick W4PID has joined our helpdesk and is already doing a wonderful job taking on your questions. Please also send your support to Marios, 5B4WN, who I am sure will be part of front-line medical efforts to save lives in the coming weeks.

    To friends of Club Log everywhere, may I take this chance to send you my best wishes. Thanks for making it possible for Club Log to contribute to the Folding@Home project. I also hope you will find amateur radio can fill your days with something familiar and enjoyable! Stay well.

    Michael G7VJR
    73 Al 4L5A