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Venezuelan Independence Contest

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    Venezuelan Independence Contest

    To commemorate 205th. anniversary of Venezuelan Independence, the Radio Club Venezolano is sponsoring the 57th. Venezuelan Independence Day Contest.
    START: Saturday July - 01 - 2017, Time : 00:00 UTC
    END : Saturday July - 01 - 2017, Time : 23:59 UTC

    It is a worldwide type contest, therefore; don't confine your activity working only Venezuela’s stations (YV, YW, YY, and 4M).

    MODES: SSB, CW and PSK

    BEGIN: 00:00 UTC 01-JUL-2017

    END: 23:59 UTC from 01-JUL-2017

    CATEGORIES: Four categories are considered.

    Single-Operator Monoband SSB, CW, PSK or Mixed .

    Multiband Single-Operator SSB, CW, PSK or Mixed.

    Multi-operator Multiband (single transmitter) only Mixed.

    SWL (radio listener) multiband only Mixed.

    BANDS: 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 and 160 m.

    EXCHANGE: RS (T) and correlative number report will be exchanged from 001.

    SCORING: One (1) point for each contact with stations in the own country, three (3) points for contacts with stations of another country, located on the same continent and five (5) points for each contact with stations located in another continent. You can perform QSO with the same station in the same band in each mode.

    MULTIPLICATORS: A multiplier for each Venezuelan circuit and one for each country worked, including the own in each band. The Venezuelan circuits (9), as well as the rest of the entities (according to DXCC + WAE list) will only be indicated the first time that it is contacted in each band. Only the multiplier will be counted once per band regardless of the mode.

    FINAL SCORE: The result of multiplying the sum of points obtained in each band by the sum of multipliers.

    SWL: A station can only be reported in the Log 2 times in the same band and mode, one as main station and one as correspondent.

    AWARDS: The champion of each category will receive a Diploma. Likewise, diplomas will be awarded to stations that obtain a score higher than twenty percent (20%) of the score achieved by the winner in their category.

    (To obtain the champion plate in each category the log must contain more than 100 QSO's)

    In addition, YY stations and any other ones with restricted bands (under the multiband monooperator category) will qualify for a special license plate per mode.

    YY stations and any other novice license will also receive a diploma if they achieve a 2nd or 3rd place in any category provided they have at least 100 valid QSO's (the 20% rule does not apply).

    PRESENTATION: The time must be expressed in UTC. A separate sheet will be used for each band and a summary sheet with the abstract, name and address, accompanied by the usual affidavit.

    The "LOGS" must clearly indicate date, call sign, time, report and band, otherwise they will be considered as Check-Log, also when the LOG contains more than one band will be classified in the category "MULTIBANDA "Unless otherwise clearly stated.

    The "LOGS" will only be in CABRILLO format.

    The deadline for sending the LOGS will be July 16. The logs received will be posted on the RCV website (those received via email will be confirmed by the same route, if you do not receive the confirmation within 72 hours please forward the log).

    Email address to send the LOG:

    DISQUALIFICATION: The violation of the regulations of the own country will be disqualified, the stations that have more than three percent (3%) of repeated stations computed in the LOG will also be disqualified.

    The decisions of the Contests Commission are considered as official and unappealable.



    P O Box 20285

    CARACAS 1020 A

    73 Al 4L5A