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NRAU - Baltic Contest

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    NRAU - Baltic Contest

    NRAU - Baltic Contest


    The objective of this contest is to have a competition between Nordic and Baltic Countries.
    (ES, JW, JX, LA, LY, OH, OHØ, OJØ, OX, OY, OZ, SM, TF and YL to contact each other.)

    There is also a national competition between nations. (JW/Svalbard and JX/Jan Mayen count for LA/Norway, OX/Greenland and OY/Faroe Islands count for OZ/Denmark and OHØ/Aland Islands and OJØ/Market Reef for OH/Finland in this contest.)

    Sunday morning, each year, on the 2nd full weekend of January.
    SSB: Sunday 0530-0730 UTC
    CW: Sunday 0800-1000 UTC
    The CW and SSB parts are separate contests. Also mixed mode results (CW+SSB) will be listed.

    Only 80 and 40 meter bands.
    CW: 3510-3560 and 7010-7040 KHz.
    SSB: 3600-3650, 3700-3775 and 7050-7100, 7130-7200 KHz.
    No contest between 7100 and 7130 KHz.
    Please pay attention to frequency limits, QSO made outside of the limits will give zero points.

    A - Single Operator HP
    B - Single Operator LP (Maximum 100 watts output)
    C - Multi Operator

    National competition:
    The sum of best ten (10) CW scores and best ten (10) SSB scores in each country will represent each country score.
    The results of the national competition will also be listed.

    Contest call: CQ NRAU de ----

    RS(T) + serial number starting from 001 + 2 letters showing Fylke / Län / Province / Region, e.g. 59(9) 001 VN.
    (See the abbreviation list at end of rules).
    Note - Use different serial numbers for CW and SSB, as they are two separate contests. Multi operator stations may use separate numbers per band

    Each station can be contacted once per band, both on CW and SSB. Every correct two-way QSO with ES, JW, JX, LA, LY, OH, OHØ, OJØ, OX, OY, OZ, SM, TF and YL gives 2 points.
    A QSO with wrong received message. gives you only 1 point
    A QSO with a station not submitting a log will not give any points unless the station is found in at least ten (10) other logs. In that case it gives 1 point

    Each worked Fylke / Län / Province / Region per band, per mode gives one (1) multiplier.
    A QSO with a station not submitting a log will not give any multiplier, unless the station is found in at least ten (10) other logs. The multipliers are counted separately for CW and SSB.

    Final score:
    Score = (sum of QSO-points) x (sum of multipliers worked on the two bands).
    Separate final scores for CW and SSB.

    Logs must be submitted separately for CW and SSB within 7 days after the contest. Only electronic logs are accepted.
    Look here for this year’s Log submission:
    Please check your log for typing errors and leave ALL your QSOs in the log - including dupes. The log checking software will find the dupes and mark them with zero (0) points.
    By submitting a log you agree that your log and the corresponding log checking report may be made open to the public.

    Awards and prizes are issued to the first three (3) places on CW, SSB and MIXED in each category.
    Additional or fewer awards may be issued depending on the number of contestants.
    Every participating country may give out additional awards and prizes.

    Violation of Amateur Radio Regulations in the country of the contestant or the rules of this contest, unsportsmanlike conduct and taking credit of unverifiable QSOs or multipliers may lead to disqualification.
    The decisions by the Contest Committee are final and definite. The right to make changes in these rules is reserved.

    Arrangement of the contest:
    Arrangement alternates between SSA, NRRL, EDR, ERAU, LRAL, LRMD and SRAL in that order.

    73 Al 4L5A